Quinta do Pôpa


In vino veritas

Portugal has an ancient wine tradition & knowledge, mostly passed on from generation to generation.
An enormous offer & great diversity, depending on the region & orientation of the wine regions, the characteristics of the soil & of course the grape varieties used. This wine selection comes from the exclusive Douro wine region.

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How it started

The history of this Quinta comes from the name that gives it life. PÔPA (the bird 'hop') was the nickname of Francisco Ferreira, bastard of a Douro wine producer with his maid. He lived his life without being recognized as a son and brother. Professed by the DOURO and its people, he worked in the vineyard and in the fruit he gave to those who neglected him, while he, his wife and children went hungry.

The modernization

In 2003 Zeca, son of 'Pôpa' Francisco, obtained his "piece" of the Douro and bought the then Quinta do Vidiedo, located in Adorigo - Tabuaço. He invested in modern & professional winemaking facilities, acquired small plots of old vines and planted new vines and olive groves. Thanks to the microclimate, the quality of each 'terroir' (different per parcel or terrace), Quinta do Pôpa offers great wines, accessible from the first moment, but also with an enormous aging potential.

Sun in a box is exclusive importer/distributor of Quinta do Pôpa wines in Belgium!

New harvest

The first harvest took place in 2007, when Luis Pato, renowned winemaker in Bairrada & friend of the family, saw potential in Pôpa wines.

New Generation

With the same motivation and commitment, Stéphane and Vanessa Ferreira took over the management of Quinta do Pôpa in 2010 & have been making excellent wines under Pôpa's signature ever since. With respect for the terroir, the natural beauty and tradition of the Douro.

All wines have carried the Vegan Friendly (BevVeg TM) label since 2020.

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