Extra virgin olive oil


Extra virgin olive oil, top quality. Made in rural Moncarapacho and known as far afield as New York and Tokyo.

The Monterosa Extra Virgin Olive Oil are 5 different kinds of olive oil, each with their own characteristics & features: from fruity to bitter, and spicy too. Ideal for enhancing your dishes.

Extra virgin olive oil - Maçanilha

Very elegant, rich and fruity, with a sensation of freshly cut grass.

1221 incl. VAT

Extra virgin olive oil - Picual

A perfect balance between spicy, spicy fruit, sharp and bitter.

1221 incl. VAT

Olive oil - Horta do Félix

A light, fruity taste with a slight bitterness and peppiness.

12 incl. VAT

Each detail is important

At Monterosa they do as much as they can themselves. Because of this, they keep control over the entire process and can guarantee a 100% quality olive oil. Each detail is important. For instance, the hand-picked olives are taken directly to the presser located in the middle of the estate, in order to minimize the time between harvesting and pressing.

From pasta to oil

The olives are ground in a granite stone mill into a kind of 'pasta'. From this paste, the oil is extracted, filtered and stored in an airtight stainless steel container until bottled.

How Monterosa prevents oxidation

Because the tanks are emptied at each bottling, Monterosa protects the oils from contact with oxygen. They do this with argon gas, which is neutral and heavier than oxygen, creating a kind of 'lid' on the oil and preventing oxidation. This process ensures that all organoleptic characteristics are preserved and the result is an olive oil full of flavour and aroma.

Monterosa has already created 5 Premium extra virgin olive oils: Verdeal, Maçanilha, Picual, Cobrançosa, and an olive oil blend, Selection.

An olive oil summa cum laude

Monterosa launched its first olive oil on the market in 2011, and in 2012 it won its first international award. The beginning of a series of impressive awards on the international scene: from France, Italy, to Japan, China and the USA, Monterosa has won awards for its extra virgin olive oil from the rural town of Moncarapacho.

Discover Monterosa yourself !

For some years now, Monterosa has been opened up their wonderful domain to visitors. The guided tour of the domain, in the factory and including an olive oil tasting, is absolutely worth it. We also offer it, in collaboration with Casa Mama Mia. For more information you can visit the Casa Mama Mia website.

Passion + perfection = Monterosa

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