Fresh sea salt from a rich ecosystem

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Natural crystallised sea salt, extracted by hand in the traditional way & dried under the sun in the Algarve.

Traditional & unprocessed salts with a pronounced taste & specific texture and superior mineral nutritional values. In the salt pans of Olhão, saltworkers mine this artisanal sea salt with the necessary expertise.

The fauna & flora of the Ria Formosa

The Ria Formosa. If you land at Faro Airport, you will fly straight over this beautiful nature reserve. Be sure to pay it a visit. It is a labyrinth of canals, islets, sandbanks and white beaches, and stretches for 60 km along the coast in front of the Algarve, between the beaches Praia do Garrão and Praia da Manta Rota.

The traditional salt pans from which we get our sea salt are also located in the Ria Formosa. Here, salt extraction is a sustainable economic activity, and the salt pans are part of the rich ecosystem, with the flamingo as well known inhabitant.

Sun, sea and wind

Sun, sea and wind: nothing else goes in this precious sea salt produced in the eastern region of the Algarve. The seawater flows under the salt pans, only to evaporate later to start the crystallisation process.

Dried under the sun, this salt retains its natural moisture & is very rich in magnesium, calcium, iodine & selenium.

Flor de Sal

The first flakes that come to the surface are skimmed by hand with wooden tools. This most unusual salt, 'Flor de Sal' ('flour of salt'), is also known in Portugal as salt cream, because it has to be carefully skimmed off the surface, like cream made from milk.

Traditional sea salt

After 4 to 6 weeks the seawater reduces under the sun and the crystals begin to form. Marnotos (salt workers) harvest the traditional salt crystals from the bottom of the pools. Once piled up, the traditional salt is dried in the sun for another 5 days.

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