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In vino veritas

There are two kinds of dreamers: those who daydream and those who strive to make their dream a reality and their vision a reality. Entrepreneur Mário Pinheiro and agronomist Nuno Bicó are both of the latter kind. The two form a perfect duo that complements management expertise with technical and operational knowledge. Driven by their passion for wine, they founded Ribafreixo Wines in 2007. In the Herdade Moinho Branco in Vidigueira, an Alentejo DOC Subregion.

In 2012, Ribafreixo Wines opened the state of the art winery with an area of more than 40,000m2 - an ambitious project with the capacity to produce 1,500,000 bottles of wine a year in a sustainable and qualitative way, thanks to high-tech investments.

The modern building also houses a tasting room and restaurant, where every visitor can enjoy a fine match between local dishes & premium wines from the Ribafreixo range.

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The unique microclimate of Vidigueira

The vineyards of Ribafreixo form part of the Vidigueira sub-region (DOC). This region, with its microclimate, has specific characteristics that provide ideal conditions for producing wines with a unique character. Perfect exposure to the sun, hot and dry summers, tempered by a fresh breeze from the Atlantic and a significant delta between daytime and night-time temperatures.

Exclusively Portuguese varieties

Portugal has a heritage of more than 250 indigenous grape varieties. This uniqueness and diversity is reflected in all Ribafreixo wines. The main white variety of the estate is Antão Vaz - an indigenous grape of Vidigueira - followed by Arinto, Verdelho, Síria and Alvarinho. The red varieties are Alicante Bouschet, Touriga Nacional, Alfrocheiro, Tinta Miúda and Aragonez. As an exception to the rule, also Chenin Blanc, with a nod to South Africa, where CEO Mário Pinheiro worked & lived for years.

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Friends of the Earth

The Ribafreixo wines' concern for sustainability and for their environmental footprint begins with the vineyard and with the work in the fields. 100% integrated production, an 'alternative' approach and a compromise between traditional and organic farming. Implementation of integrated production and the consequent need for Ribafreixo to adhere strictly to the best agricultural practices, allowing them to contribute significantly to more sustainable farming. In the end, the most important result is the healthy grapes that enter the door of their winery at harvest time, a condition that plays a decisive role (about 80%) in the production of top quality wines.

What makes the wine Vegan?

One of the steps in the vinification of wine is the clarification process, which basically consists of separating the must from the solid particles still present in order to clarify and filter the liquid. To achieve this, gelatine of animal origin, more specifically pork, but also fish glue or egg white are used in this process. Ribafreixo chooses to use only alternative elements, of mineral or vegetable origin. In this way, Ribafreixo complies with all Vegan conditions and bears the Vegan symbol authenticated by the Vegan Society.

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